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The New Federalist


The New Federalist is the magazine of the Young European Federalists (JEF). It is published three times a year and offers essays and analyses on European issues by JEF members. The New Federalist is also a place where you can learn about upcoming JEF events and read reports by participants of the various international conferences and seminars organised by our organisation.  


The New Federalist has been launched in the 1970s and was published on a regular basis until the mid 1990s. After a break in the second half of the 90s it was re-launched in the year 2000.  


Contributions to The New Federalist are always welcome. If you would like to be a prospective JEF-journalist please send an e-mail to:

Autumn Edition 2006

The latest edition of The New Federalist is out! Once again, an Editorial Board composed of extremely committed JEFers found all around Europe has come together to provide you with an issue that is full of topics ranging from the world cup to the Lebanese-Israeli conflict, from the Euro-tax to the much debated issue of multilingualism within the EU, as well as a special feature about the political situation in the Western Sahara.

Together with these you will find interviews, the Vox Pop as well as much much more!

You can download it here.




03 dear reader daniela grech

04 jef is gearing up jan seifert



05 the israel-lebanon conflict in so many words gerard said

06 worldcup 2006: a global black-out karen matzke

08 ni hao ma europe! george kipouros

09 G8’s word of honour ecaterina matkov

10 western sahara - a european issue günter lindner and günther sidl



12 europa and its languages florian ziegenbalg

13 a eurotax to finance the european union florent banfi

14 the limits of the eurowide referendum marko bucik

15 pick your favorite federalism lutz hager



16 a coherent and effective youth policy ecaterina matkov



18 slovenia: 13th member of the eurozone marko javorsek

19 a union of 27: the sooner, the better corneliu manole



20 youth workers on participation peter matjašic



22 news from the sections vaida jazepcikaité

28 contact

Summer Edition 2006

The latest edition of The New Federalist is out and ready to be received by all of you! The June/July 2006 issue has already been distributed amongst the participants of the Vienna Citizens’ Convention, and is also planned to be available at the upcoming international seminar in Norway in a few weeks.


This edition is a very special for the Editorial Board composed of Daniela Grech, Peter Matjasic, Samuel Mueller, Ecaterina Matcov, Radostina Zhelyazkova, George Kipouros, Vaida Jazepcikaite, David Hanson and Peter Strempel, as it is the first one in which they have worked all together. The layout continues to improve, and there are also many new sections within the magazine, like The Double Interview, the Vox Populis, and the News from the Sections, whilst retaining sufficient space for the Opinion articles kindly sent to by contributors from all over Europe. The main theme of this issue was Participation, taking into account the national elections that took place in various Member States in the past months together with the demonstrations and manifestations in France, as well as other articles dealing with the rather controversial issue of the European Parliament Seat, Irregular Immigration and the violation of Human rights in Europe.


You can download it here.





03 dear reader daniela grech

04 constitution? straight to the emergency room! jan seifert



05 europe and the sauna george kipouros

06 a european in the italian parliament daniela grech

09 change in italy and a visit to ventotene federico brunelli

10 a hope for democracy in belarus vaida jazepcikaite

11 hungarian parliamentary (s)elections daniel bartha

12 what caused the turmoil in france fabien cazenave & damien routisseau

13 the plight of polish workers in ireland elizabeth lannoo

14 europe and asylum: a promise betrayed jean pierre gautci



15 e-governance for eu democracy asimakis valavanis

16 do eu blog? jon worth

17 the next generation anne-christine roisin

18 european civil service - a wonderful project jessica pennet



19 vox populis radostina zhelyazkova

21 second citizens' convention in vienna friedhelm frischenschlager & reinout prez

22 european parliament, quo vadis? emmanuel vallens & anders ekberg

24 the services directive: take it or leave it lieven tack



25 the jef europe foundation thomas heißmeier

26 two stars make a supernova ecaterina matcov

27 life in jef sections vaida jazepčikaité

Spring Edition 2006

The new edition of our JEF magazine is now available also online! Thanks to the work of Peter Matjasic, Samuel Mueller, Daniela Grech and George Kipouros, the rejuvenated TNF has now a brand new layout, while keeping the high standard of articles.


This edition analyses the political developments during the so-called reflection period; gives insight to the situation in Belarus before the presidential elections and takes a closer look at the countries of Western Balkans, each of which is facing its own bumpy road towards a common European future.


You will also find some novelties as our green friend talking and as always news on the active JEF spirit across our continent. 


Enjoy your reading!  








03|Editorial  Peter Matjasic

04|A word of the president  Jan Seifert



05|blair blowing the trumpets  Georgina Vincent

06|a barcode for europe, bitte!  George Kipouros

07|a silent spring for the constitution  Piia Pappinen

08|the european citizens's convention  Federico Brunelli

09|more soap boxes, more ballot boxes  Arthur Krebbers



10|the eu budget: size matters  Tero Luoma

11|growth and employment potential  Harald Stieber

12|for a europe that invests in the future  Alfonso Iozzo

13|on foreign europeans  Gustavo

13|federal alert  ĺsa Gunvén



14|a bubble of freedom  Jens-Kristian Lütken

16|belarus in the wake of the elections  Andrew Martselev

17|three visions for a final status of kosovo  Isak Gllogovci & Fehmi Hajra

18|changing balkans in an evolving europe  Gorica Atanasova

19|serbia's rocky trip to europe  Peter Strempel

20|the future of bosnia and herzegovina  Jasna Hadzalic

21|speak softly and carry a big stick  Dominik Bertram



22|get visable! youth forum mobility campaign  Maria Farrugia

23|duffenhuber action  ĺsa Gunvén & Anne-Christine Roisin

24|welcoming the new executive bureau  Daniela Grech

25|may we introduce...

26|sharing the mediterranean  Amaria Cilia & Nathalie Farrugia


Autumm Edition 2005


The Autumm issue of The New Federalist is out! This issue deals mostly with the Ratification process of the European Constitution.


You can download it at:


TNF Autumm 2005 - Federalism, if not now when? if not us, who?  -low resolution-



A list of articles can be found below.


Download the online version on this page either in color or in black and white! For those who want to be included in the list for the next issue contact the secretariat at


Editorial, Arielle Rouby


Part I: The deadlocked ratification process?


The French Campaign and it’s consequences, Florent Banfi and Ian de Bondt 4


The Dutch say “Nee” to the European Union Constitution, Daniel Schut 5


When the going gets tough, the tough get going, Siri Holland 6


For or against, Vaida Jazepcikaite 7


Austria’s ratification - a more silent YES, Peter Strempel 8


The Cypriot Yes- Why we should be worried, Eleni Georgiou 9


Part II: The period of reflection - what next?


The ratification process is dead, Long live the Constitution, Marko Bucik 10


My vision of JEF, Christian Wenning 11


Is there a future for federalism in Europe? More than ever! Sandra Fernandes 12


Federalism... if not now, when? Joan-Marc Simon 13

Part III: Moving Europe


The bęte noir of Europe, Piia Pappinen 14

Is enlargement still possible after the current EU crisis? Radostina Zhelyazkova and Iva Dincheva 15

Fortress Europe for joint counter terrorist action? Ecaterina Matcov 16

Part IV: Living Europe


Cultural Capitals in Europe, George Kipouros 17

Part V: Activity Reports


Belgium Training days, Belgium, Tilff, Daniela Grech 18


International Summer University Brave New Europe, Slovenia, Ljubljana, Matej Crnjavic


Technical Information

List of JEF-Sections

Spring Edition 2005

The Spring issue of The New Federalist is out! This issue deals mostly with the Ratification process of the European Constitution, and the EU’s relations with third countries such as the US and Serbia Montenegro. A list of articles can be found below.


Download the online version on this page either in colour or in black and white! For those who want to be included in the list for the next issue contact the secretariat at


Editorial, Arielle Rouby 3


On going Ratification process

First Ratification, Then Information?, Tina Fistravec 4

The Spanish referendum: the path to follow or a lost opportunity?, Ferran J. Lloveras 5

The Lame Ratification of Mr Berlusconi, Massimo Contri & Francesco Ferrero 6

Greece: Missing Out the Constitution Debate?, Tolis Mandralis 7

The ratification European Constitution in Germany, Florian Ziegenbalg 8

Bolkenstein, Barroso and the knock-on effect on the ratification process, David Soldini 9

The Constitutional Debates in The Netherlands, Daniel Schut 10

Malta’s [non]debate on the Ratification – does the end justify the means?, Daniela Grech 11

What on earth is going on in the UK?, Kay Ritchie 12

The ratification process and the “Swiss special case”, Dominik Gerber 13


What next?

We have a European Constitution, Giovanni Biava 14

JEF between the European and the Federal Constitution : The challenge of building a European civil society,

Asa Gunven 15


Moving Europe

Europe, where is the feel-good?, Jon Worth 16

EU-US relations: Are Americans From Mars and Europeans From Venus?, Ecaterina Matcov 17

A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action, A EUROPEAN WIDE NO


European Union and Serbia – An Odd Couple, Marko Nikolic 19


Living Europe

Tour de YES!BUS, George Kipouros 20

Observer at the election in Ukraine, “As an international observer in Ukraine”, Charlotte Clément 21


Activity Reports

Give Europe your say! – Face the Constitution debate, Elina Kisski and Saray Espejo 22

Exploring the Constitution in a Wintry Berlinhreir, Asa Gunven 22

Dinner for 25 – Solidarity and Equal Rights in the EU, Borut Cink 23

Lyon Seminar, Patricia Golfier and Jessica Pennet 23

Download the web version here


Winter 2004 Edition

The Winter 2004 edition of the New Federalist is out! Here you can find the online version that deals mostly with Turkey and its eventual membership of the European Union and the latest events in the Ukrainan political scene. The articles which can be find inside this edition are the following:


Editorial, Arielle Rouby




How far can the European Union expand?, Matej Zakonjšek

Is it the right moment for negotiations with Turkey?, Philipp Hessel and Florian Ziegenbalg

Turkish denial or European uneasiness?, Sandra Fernandes

A warm welcome to a democratic Turkey in the EU, Tina Levysohn and Jakob Hansen

Turkey: a fundamental choice, Ferran J. Lloveras

Understanding today’s Turkey, Odile Bour


New Neighbourhood Policy


On the battlefield of democracy in Belarus, Jens-Kristian Lütken

Moldovans and the EU’s New Neighbourhood Policy, Ana Porumbrica

Wind of Change in Ukraine, Tanja Katsbert

What future for Ukraine in the European Neighbourhood Policy?, Nina Baumeister

Ukraine: Never Be The Same Again, Vitaly Pedchenko


Moving Europe


2004: The Point of no Return, Peter Bancroft

Where’s the EU in the new UN Security Council proposal?,  Lorenzo Cirio

YES- Campaign for the ratification of the European Constitution,  Marko Bucik

The Accidental Ratification, Aurimas Andrulis


Living Europe


As a young unmarried Western woman in Istanbul, Odile Bour

EU already in 10 towns of Serbia and Montenegro!,  Aleksander Borisavljevic


Activity Reports

SEE Training days, Bosnia and Herzegovina, September 2004, Katarina Grgas and Mitja Brus

The Malta Incubator: New Sections’ Training, Malta, October 2004, Steve Attard

JEF fights for transparent elections in Ukraine from Brussels, Saray Espejo Benito

Europe close to its citizens: France, December 2004,

Christian Kilpfel

Technical Information

Call for contributions, Calendar of Events 22

List of JEF-Sections 23

Yes Campaign Back

Download the web version here


Autumn 2004 Edition

The Autumn edition of the New Federalist can be downloaded here

Download file 914Kb PDF file


Summer 2004 edition - special European elections

The Summer 2004 edition of the New Federalist can be downloaded here.

TNF-summer-2004_s.jpgclick here to start download- 1,424KB PDF file


You want a few copies for your campaign activities? Order them from the European secretariat!


This special edition “Give Europe a Face!” contents:


- Give Europe a Constitution, Nikos Lambropoulos

- Which faces for Europe? Feature Interviews, Arielle Rouby

- Poland lost in the fog, Maciej Tysnicki

- The first European Parliament elections in the Czech Republic, Ondrej Kucrera

- Time for the big bang!, Matteo Garavoglia

- Give Europe a Local Face, Allan Siao Ming Witherick

- Now Give European Citizens a Vote, Philipp Hessel

- The Active Commitment for a JEF section in Ireland, Alexander Martin Sadrina

- How many centers of Europe do we have?, Sigita Šeckute

- Imagine Peace and Prosperity in the Mediterranean, Steven Attard

- The Euro-Mediterranean partnership: Stakes At Stake, Nazim Benhabid

- Seminar Reports:

* Kosovo Seminar Isak Gllogovci

* Barcelona Seminar Albert Padrós

* Paris Seminar Virginie Delaury

* Belarus Seminar Sandra A.M. Lapkovska

- JEF EP Campaign 2004 - Give Europe a Face, Allan Siao Ming Witherick



Special online content - full lenght Interviews of the European Youth political parties



The next few weeks are going to be exceptionally important for the future: Ten new member states are entering the EU;

The European Parliament elections are taking place; and most likely

The first European Constitution will be adopted before the end of June.

We, JEF, want to "Give Europe A Face";

give Europe a President,

give it a Constitution,

give it a human face!

But what faces do the Young European parties want to give to Europe?

Representatives of ECOSY, FYEG, LYMEC, and YEPP kindly accepted to be

interviewed and the full versions are provided here to download.



Download file 450 Kb


Shortened versions can be found in the Summer 2004 edition of The New



Spring-Summer 2003

The latest edition of TNF has been published mid-June. It will be published online mid-August.


If you want to receive a hard copy and subscribe, please send a message to the European secretariat entitled "TNF subscribtion".

Winter 2003 Edition

The Winter 2003 edition of The New Federalist can be downloaded here - PDF file, 8mb.


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