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9th of May 2004



organised by JEF sections - more events on





* 1. May: Public debate in the European Parliament; Contact: i.olders(at)





* 1. May: Rollerskating event around Tallinn - Euroopa Ru:llib (its a double meaning of Europe Rules and Europa Rolls)


* 30. April - 7. May: TEUS - Tallinn European Union Simulation - visit


In case you would like to join the rollerskating event contact Pille-Mai Helemäe at pillemai(at)





* 19. - 30. April 2004: Time for Information - Exibition about the 10 new member states of the EU.

Cité internationale universitaire, Hall de la Maison internationale, 17 Bd Jourdan, Paris 14ème.

Open to the public every week day from 11h00 to 17h00. Free entrance.


* 19. April 2004: Discovering Poland (film and exhibition)

* 20. April 2004: Discovering Malta (dance and documentary)

* 21. April 2004: Estonian night (discussion and film)

* 22. April 2004: Discovering Latvia (discussion and concert)

* 23. April 2004: Lithuanian night

* 26. April 2004: Discovering Slovakia

* 27. April 2004: Discovering Czech Republic (literary meeting)

* 28. April 2004: Discovering Hungary (concert and exhibition)

* 29. April 2004: Discovering Slovenia

* 30. April 2004: Discovering Cyprus


* 30. April 2004

- In line skating night in Paris


* 1. May 2004: Time for commitment,


- 15h00–19h00 : Public Conference «The european youth : the commitment for Europe», à la Cité internationale universitaire, Salle des conférences de la Maison internationale, 17 Bd Jourdan, Paris 14ème. Compulsory inscription.


- 19h00-21h00 : Choir and distribution of prices

The choir from the Cité internationale universitaire will animate this afternoon and the prices for the winners of the contest will be distributed.


* 1. May 2004: Time for celebration


- 21h15-22h30 : European buffet, in the Cité Internationale Universitaire.


- 23h00-02h00 : European party, Maison internationale de la Cité Internationale Universitaire.



All events will take place at different loations in Paris. For a full programme, please contact Jessica Pennet at jessboss2(at)


For additional information (in french) visit:





* 30. April - 2. May: Trinational seminar in Zittau at the German-Polish-Czech border; Programm, Contact: christian.wenning(at)





* 30th April - in small Liathuanian town Druskininkai JEF Lithuania members are organising a "Europarty" with torches - that's a part of big action "Make Lithuania the brightiest country among the new members of EU!"


* 1st May - a party in Vilnius in Club INTRO - with small exercises, prizes and a lot of fun!:)


For further information, please contact Karolis at: zalzakas(at)




* 1. May: Conference in the city hall of the capital city Chisinau: “New Europe – 25” and start of the campaigning week around Universities


For further information, please contact Olesea Kovali at: lesea_99(at)





* 30. April - 6. May: International Seminar GENERATION EUROPE


+ National events (conferences, debates, public seminars)

+ The project “A personal meeting with the development in Europe” (international visits to high schools)


If in need of further information, contact Bjarne Daehli: bjarne(at)





* 1. May: Round Table “Steps towards Europe” and start of the campaign week in Bucharest


* 1. May: Public contest “Your vision of Europe” and start of the campaign week, Cluj


For any further details regarding the campaign in Romania, please feel free to contact the secretariat in Bucharest at info(at)





* 1. May: Meeting with JEF Austria on the border-crossing Spielfeld/Sentilj; Contact Misel Ternovsek at: michelet(at)





* 1st of May: public action on the official Scottish enlagement festival;, contact Asa Gunven at: asa.gunven(at)





Brussels celebrates Englargement!

On 1 May 2004, Europe was enlarged with 10 new Member States. To mark this important date, various European, federal and regional institutions have joined forces to host a big party in the European quarter. For once, this quarter was closed off to traffic not for a European summit, but so that the people themselves can celebrate Europe.


The overall event stretched from the European Parliament to the arcades of the Cinquantenaire [Jubilee Park].


Events Organised by the European Institutions


Activities at the European Parliament

10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Paul-Henri Spaak Building, 43 Rue Wiertz


The European Parliament will be throwing a party to celebrate the enlargement and the European elections with:

· Information stands of the political groupings

· Information stands of the European institutions (EESC, CoR, Court of Auditors, ECB, the European Ombudsman)

· Stands of the host municipalities and Europhile organisations

· An exhibition of photos on Europe in Brussels by a Magnum photographer

· An exhibition of Europe-oriented works of art

· Exhibitions organised by member or candidate countries

· A performance by the Movimento dance school

· An electoral quiz at the Infopoint

· A major discussion on enlargement in the chamber of the European Parliament

· A major discussion in the evening on the future of Europe and the elections with 1000 young people

· Several discussions with pro-European organisations.


Activities at the Council

10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Justus Lipsius Building, 175 Rue de la Loi


· Projection of a 10-minute film on the Council

· 30-minute guided tours of the different levels of the Council building

· A stand on the Irish presidency

· 10 additional stands for the New Member States with tourist information and documentation

· Stands on Europol, the military structures of the EU, the EUPM, Crisis Management, Internet

· Stand with promotional items


Activities at the Committee of the Regions

10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, 92-102 Rue Montoyer


The Committee of the Regions will feature:

· Stands (some twenty exhibitors) with regional products from candidate countries in the entrance hall of the CoR.

· A stand at the European Parliament

· A programme with music.


Activities at the Economic and Social Committee


The Economic and Social Committee, which is about to move, will not open its doors, but will:

· Have a large stand at the European Parliament

· Host activities in a room at the European Parliament


In addition to its advisory role, the Economic and Social Committee is emerging as a forum of expression and dialogue of the different constituents of the organised civil society.


Activities at the European Commission

10:00 AM to 6:00 PM – Breydel Building, 45 Avenue d’Auderghem


· Presentation of the new Member States; 10 stands hosted by Commission trainees from the countries concerned.

· Projection of archival footage, recent events and live news (concert of May 1st, address by the President) on giant screens.

· Organisation of amusing activities for children (clown make-up, theme games on Europe, release of balloons, etc.).

· Discovery of an exhibition illustrating the policies supported by the various DGs of the Commission: visitors will also be able to obtain appropriate documentation and promotional materials from the stands.

· Spokespersons or possibly Members of the Commission will present, in the pressroom, policies that fall under their purview and the experience they have acquired during their terms of office of this Commission.

· Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in FR, NL, DE, and EN; the presentations will be illustrated by the Commission’s audiovisual media.


Outdoors: throughout the day!

10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Parc Léopold, Rue Belliard, (Rue Froissart)


An entertaining and informative event will feature different views on Europe: it will stretch from the European Parliament via the Parc Léopold, the Rue Belliard, the Place Jean Rey, the EC, the Rue Froissart via the Rond Point Schuman, and wind up at the Parc du Conquantenaire with numerous festivities and more than a hundred stands.


· Presentation of works by – and meeting with -- European artists

· A look on the tourism and agri-tourism riches of the most beautiful European countries

· Eighth European Arts and Crafts Market

· Transformed by the European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA), the Rue Belliard will be decorated entirely with agricultural products.

· Numerous information stands

· 2 performance podiums will host folklore groups from the various EU Member States.

· Numerous festivities for children will enliven the event.


Two small tourist trains will shuttle visitors from one end of this circuit to the other.


Events organised by the Brussels-Capital Region:

Parc du Cinquantenaire, entrance from the Rue de la Joyeuse entrée


In the Parc du Cinquantenaire, as of 11:00 am when visitors enter from the – oh-so-symbolic – Avenue de la Joyeuse Entrée [Joyous Entry], they will be spoiled by events for all ages and tastes.


Young European Farmers’ Market

11:00 to 20.00


The European Council of Young Farmers (ECYF) will present the 25 EU Member States through their agriculture, regional products and, in certain cases, their folklore.


Young Farmers from the 25 Member States will welcome visitors to their stands to present and have them taste their agricultural products and the specialties from their respective countries, and to speak about their work. A “Discover Agriculture” stand will be there to welcome children.


They will discover the great diversity and wealth of European products among wine producers, stockbreeders, horticulturalists, milk producers, beekeepers, cereal farmers, etc. from Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden.


A marvellous way to get a taste of the different EU countries in a festive and convivial atmosphere.


Children’s Village

11:00 AM to 6:00 PM


A village will be devoted to children, and filled with amusing and educational activities for the little monsters. Children will learn how to ask for directions in Czech, how to say hello in Spanish, order spaghetti in Italian, etc.


Children accompanied by their parents will be able to pick and choose the perfect day! From 11:00 onwards, they will be able to ride their bikes and learn the Highway Code, discover the customs of the new member countries, their cuisines, music, magnificent landscapes, flags, ride ponies through the alleys of the park, put on disguises and have their picture taken, if they so wish.


And that’s not all! Make-up, games for all, astounding scientific experiments, a children’s literature library, take a break from it all, faraway stories or panoramas, the young citizens of Europe will have an embarrassment of riches.


And if juggling or balancing acts appeal to them, they’ll just have to come and see the shows later on. They can also take a ride on a merry-go-round. There will be something for everyone!


Symbolic event

At 3:00 PM


A great symbolic event: the arrival of Hungarian runners with the flags of the ten acceding countries, come all the way from Budapest on foot!


All visitors will be invited to come and encourage them and symbolically form the “Europa” world on the ground.


Events Organised by the Federal Government:


The federal authority will also salute the enlargement of the European Union.


On April 30th, starting at 18.00, the esplanade of the Cinquantenaire will play host to 25 hot-air balloons in the colours of the EU Member States. Take-off is scheduled for 19.30.


On May 1st, the hot-air balloons will take off again at 19.00. Then, around 21.00-21.30, when they have finished their flight, balloonists will come back to the Cinquantenaire for a night show of inflating the balloons, but without takeoff.


Such a show is sheer, enchanting magic that will bring the day of festivities to a close in a blaze of flame and light.



For more information, please contact: Clémentine Barzin 02 506 32 19 – 0473 71 86 32


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