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JEFers that have left their mark!

The Secretariat 2004-2006


From summer 2004 till summer 2006 the Secretary General in Brussels was Joan Marc Simon from Spain supported by project managers: Anne-Christine Roisin (2006) from Belgium and Saray Espejo (2005) from Spain, stagiares: Benedicte Roer from Norway and Julije Pajcic and EVS Daniela Grech from Malta.









 Joan Marc








The Secretariat 2002-2004


From 2002-2004, the previous Secretary general Marianne Bonnard was aided by European volunteers Isa Katharina von Kalben from Germany (2003) and Inga Karelkova from Latvia (2004).



     Marianne                   Isa                      Inga                 

The Executive Bureau 2005-2007


The JEF Executive Bureau 2005-2007 was elected at the Congress in Strasbourg in October 2005. It was in charge until October 2007, when JEF elected a new team in Copenhagen.



The Executive Bureau 2003-2005


The JEF Executive Bureau 2003-2005 was elected at the European Congress held in Stockholm in November 2003. It was in charge until October 2005, when the new JEF team was elected.



The Federal Committee 2003-2005


From November 2003 until November 2005, the Federal Committee of JEF-EUrope was composed by one representative for each national section of JEF and by the following directly elected FC members:



The Federal Committee Members of the years 2001-2003 were the following:


Astrid Arnslett

Steven Attard

Peter Bancroft

Giovanni Biava

Marko Bucik - EB Member

Virginie Delaury

Daniel Gerer

Asa Gunven

Jessika Hazrat - EB Member

Philip Hessel

Siri Holland

Silke Kaul - Vice-President

Elina Kiiski - EB Member

Jan Kreutz

Nikos Lampropoulos - Vice-President

Georgi Markov

Jana Novotna

Dominik Ostyn

Florian Rodeit

Arielle Rouby - EB Member

Peter Strempel

Ingvild Stub

Imre Teder

Alison Weston

Weston Alison

Jon Worth - President

JEF People in the past, working for the future!


This part is dedicated to those who contributed to make JEF be "A Generation Ahead" in the past. You will soon find here a complete list of all past JEF-Europe officers... and to start with the last 10 years ...


... were Presidents of JEF-Europe


2005-2007 Jan Seifert 

2003-2005 Jon Worth

2001-2003: Alison Weston

1999-2001: Paolo Vacca

1997-1999: Philip Savelkoul

1995-1997: Ugo Ferruta

1993-1995: Tor Eigil Hodne

1991-1993: Stephen Woodard

1989-1991: Giannis Papageorgiou

and also: David Grace, Richard Corbett, Manfred Auster ...


... were Secretary generals of JEF-Europe FormerSG-2004-small.jpg


2004-2006: Joan Marc Simon

2002-2004: Marianne Bonnard

2000-2002: Niki Klesl

1998-2000: Laura Davis

1996-1998: Tobias Flessenkemper

1994-1996: Ingo Linsemann

1992-1994: Bernd Huetteman

1992: Soraya Usmani Martinez

1989-1991: Irmeli Karhio

1987-1989: Monica Frassoni

1985-1987 Giannis Papageorgiou

1984-1985 Susana Roson

and also: David Grace, Julian Priestley, Gerda de Munck, Tore Nedrebo, Eva Finzi


If yourself were one of those, or know the exact dates of mandates, we will be more than glad to put together the puzzle of JEF history. And if you want to get in touch with JEF members from the old times, get in touch with the Alumis organisation Friends of JEF!



And let's not forget the stagiaires ...


The JEF-office has regularly hosted interns to help the organisational structure in the daily running of the organisation.


From June-December 2004, Ecaterina Matcov from Moldova worked as a book-keeper in the JEF-Europe office.

In May-June 2004, Ana Porumbrica from Moldova worked for the EP campaign 2004.

In October-November 2003, the European secretariat hosted one European volunteer in the framework of the Balkan Youth Project, Marjana Todorova, from Macedonia. Marjana helped run the international seminar and the Congress held in Stockholm in October/November 2003.

2 stagiaires, Marianna Koutandou from Greece and Svetla Vasileva from Bulgaria, helped to organise the large international event on the Future of Europe which took place in Athens in April 2003, and to manage the "Europe a Generation Ahead" project.

In winter 2002-2003, Anna Barcikowska from Poland and Julia Wadoux

from France respectively took care of fundraising and designing the exhibition "Europe - Past, Present and YOUR Future"


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